What is a Good Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of a website. It is an address that other users of the internet can use to access your website. It is used to identify and find computers surfing the net to your site. Basically, every computer has an uses an IP address, the address is made up f a series of numbers. It is, however, tentatively harder for humans to recall strings of numbers. This is why domains were necessitated to identify internet entities instead of the IP addresses.

Significance Of Having A Domain Name

Businesses with a domain are able to protect copyrights, increase awareness of their brand, search engine positioning, and protect trademarks. A domain name on the internet is an identity that is uniquely yours. Investing in a domain gives any organization a felt presence on the web. They are also complementaries to websites and email addresses in giving your business or organization a professional look that most internet users seek for their own safety.

A domain name is unique and no two websites can share a domain. This is ensured by the requirement to register any domain name created o enable its use. A domain name is made up of letters and number combinations and can be used together with the various existent domain name extensions like .net, .com and the like. the other importance is that creating a domain name is a very short process yet a major step in running any online organization platform.

Difference Between Domain, URL And Web Hosting

Technically, a domain name is part of an even larger internet address known as a URL ( Universal Resource Locator). The main difference is that the URL goes into much more detail than the domain. A URL will contain information on the machine name, the specific folder and the file on the server, and even protocol language. So essentially the two are almost the same with a difference in specification.

For the web hosting, in a simplified form, if a domain is an address to your website then the web hosting is the home to your website. In other words, it where your site’s files have been stored. The servers are a service provided the hosting companies. When creating a website you require both the web hosting and domain name. However, they are essentially two different services that are bought from two different service companies.

Variety of domain name extensions

Closing Thoughts On Domain Names

To sum it up domain names are easy-to-recall words that are used to show the Domain Name System (DNS) which website we are looking to visit. The DNS then translates the name into an IP address and leads to the site. Almost like international phone numbers that people from all over can memorize and use to reach you (your site). Domain names hide the IP addresses that would be rather cumbersome to recall considering the number of sites people visit over the web and give them an easier way through.

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