Domain Name

Domain Name refers to the address that people write in the browser Universal Resource Locator (URL) bar to open and access information on a website. When an internet user enters a name server in his or her browser, a request is sent to the global network of servers which combines to form a DNS. The global network server then searches for the name servers linked to the website address. Moreover, these names are available in various extensions such as .net, .info, .com, .io, and .org. The most common and recommended extension is .com because users can remember it easily and it works well for business sites.

How To Buy a Domain Name

People can buy names from various companies which are referred to as domain name registrars. Some of the most popular and best-known companies include NameCheap and GoDaddy, where a name costs $14.99 annually. Nevertheless, name registration does not give the user a hosting service. Therefore, apart from having the name, website users are required to have a website hosting account. There are various WordPress hosting companies that offer users both the name registration and website hosting services.

These companies help users manage both the hosting and domain name registration services under one account. Additionally, these companies allow users to change the server name of their domain without any risk. Blue host is the recommended hosting company for people looking to get cheap and high-quality website hosting services. The company offers new customers a 60% discount on website hosting service and a free domain name. New customers are required to pay a small fee of $2.75 per month which helps them get started.

How Domain Names Work

The process is simple and it starts with the internet user’s browser sending a request to a global network of servers that combine together to form the DNS. The global network of servers then searches for the server name related to a domain and sends the request to the web servers. For instance, if a website receives hosting services from Bluehost Company, then its name server will be or

In addition, name servers are computers equipped with unique web server software such as Nginx and Apache. They are also managed by the user’s website hosting companies and help in storing the user’s website. Once a user forwards his or her request to the web hosting company, the company then forwards the request to the web server where the user’s website is stored. The name server obtains the requested website and sends it to the user’s browser.

Domain Name is the address to a website

Domain Name Summary

Domain name is an address that helps people open and access information on a website. It is purchased from various popular companies known as domain name registrars. Some of these companies include NameCheap and GoDaddy. It can have one of a number of extensions such as .com, .io, .net, .edu, .org and .info. The most common and widely used extension is .com because it works well for business websites and people can remember it easily. When a person registers for the domain name, he or she is also required to have a website hosting account.

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